Wordpress & W3 Total Cache

I’ve searched and searched for the answer to this…but I just can’t find it. In part because I’m not technical at all.

So I want to install the W3 Total Cache plugin. In all the videos online showing how to do this, it requires the user to change file permissions for wpcontent and upload to 777, before changing back to 775 after installing the plugin.

So firstly I don’t know how to change permissions in the DH panel? Though some things I’ve read say you can’t do this (at least not as easily as I’ve seen in the demos with other panels).

Secondly during my search I’ve read a few conflicting things. One suggested that with Dreamhost there’s no need to change the permissions to install W3Tcache. Another that DH recommends against using W3Tcache.

If anyone could help that would be great, thanks

If you need to change the file permission for the folder, just use a FTP program like FileZilla (it is free and having a FTP program is very handy). With FTP login to you domain slect the folder you need, right click and the bottom one after right clcik is to change the file permissions.

I use W3 and am very happy with it on DH. I only advices to not use the minify at all from W3, because they S.CK, but for the rest it is a great plugin

Thanks for your reply, I’ll try doing that. Can I ask you though, did you need to change file permissions when installing W3?

That’s what the instructions say to do, but like I said I’ve seen other people say you don’t need to do this with Dreamhost.

I never changed the permission, but if installing the plugin does not work, you will have to change it. Mine is set to 755, which is what it should be after installing W3