I have uploaded video on Dreamhost and I want to bring it into my Worpress.org blog.
I can’t find the URL of the video on Dreamhost.
Does anyone know how to locate it?

How did you upload the video? I usually create a special folder in my domain folder, so it’s in /home/USER/EXAMPLE.com/video/ and the URL will be http://example.com/video/movie.mov

I uploaded it to Quicktime Streaming on Dreamhost. So far the info that I have received from DH has not helped me at all. A folder in the domain folder, thank you I will take a look at that today.

It’s been a long time since I used the streaming server, but you’d have to use the WordPress editor’s HTML mode to insert the raw HTML code with the link and the rest of the HTML parameters for your video.

I gave up on trying streaming since 1) I could never get the settings right for high quality video, and 2) I didn’t care if someone downloaded the video.