Wordpress Upgrade



I initially installed wordpress via the one click install. What are the steps that I need to go through before/after I click on the “one step upgrade” to get the latest install of WP.


You should just have to click upgrade on the one-click upgrade page.

One thing it may be advisable to do first is to disable plugins in wordpress panel, in particular wp-cache can cause problems and I would suggest cleaning the cache for it. These can then be re-enabled after the upgrade but it may be better to enable one at a time to see if any don’t work after the upgrade.

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Do I also need to save themes, etc? I’ve never upgraded before for fear of screwing everything up.


The answer to that question will vary depending upon your circumstances/theme used.

If you have you customized a theme, or used a theme that was not included with the WordPress “one-click” install, you should save your theme, as the new themes directory will overwrite your old one.

This makes it easier to “re-add” your custom or other theme after the upgrade. Note that, in a perfect world, you should not have to do any of this “saving” manually, as DH stores your old installation in a “.old” directory and you could generally copy the old theme information from there, or one of the “.snapshot” directories where DH “automagically” stores vackup copies of your site’s directories and files.

That said, the world is far from “perfect”, and IMO the little time/effort required to “save” your themes is insignificant as related to the time/effort required to “fix” your blog should something run amok with any of those automated processes. :wink:

If it has been a while since you upgraded, it could also be that there are updated versions of the themes installed by the “one-click” robot, and that may be a good thing for your site!.

My advice is that if you are concerned at all about it, back up your themes; also be prepared for the fact that an old theme may need updating to work properly with newer versions of WordPress (this is often the case!) :wink:



Anyone upgrade to WordPress 2.3? Any issues or difficulty?


I always give it a t least a week, sometimes more, just to be able to see what problems others encounter with any upgrade before I “take the plunge”. :wink:



Another thing that I do is I have a non-critical subdomain with WordPress and my plugins installed and I test out upgrades there first.

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I went to the upgrade section to get the brand new version of wordpress and it didnt seem like it was available. Isn’t 3 the new version? I know this just came out 2 days ago, but didn’t look like dreamhost is handling it yet. Or am I looking at this incorrectly?


You are probably looking at it correctly. :wink:

WordPress 2.3 is “just out of the box”, and DreamHost has probably not yet upgraded their one-click system for it.

You can always upgrade directly yourself, if you are not tied to the “one-click” process.



This post has UPDATES, below. For the super impatient, just go here http://smithsrus.com/downloads/wordpress-upgrade-preflight-check/ before you upgrade to 2.3.

wordpress 2.3 is now available for upgrade under one-click installs. as usual, exercising the patience of a few short days for the dreamhost dreamcrew to update the one-clicks is well worth the convenience gained, imho. :slight_smile:

alas, for the first time ever at dreamhost (well, for me anyway), this upgrade gave me a bit of a problem on blogs that had Ultra Tag Warrior installed. blogs w/o UTW upgraded flawlessly as usual, but two blogs with UTW resulted in the same error when attempting to complete the upgrade as directed by email. Namely, clicking on:

Important! Please visit http://domain.com/wp-admin/upgrade.php
to update your database tables! Otherwise, you may see database errors or missing entries.

Results in:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare is_tag() (previously declared in /home/.server/username/domain.com/wp-includes/query.php:94) in /home/.server/username/domain.com/wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior.php on line 129

has anyone else seen this glitch?

as a quick guess, i tried renaming the incriminated plugin directory, but no joy just yet. of course, if i beat the forum to an answer, i’ll be sure to post it.

i just went ahead and renamed the new directories to *.new grabbed the *.old directories to keep the old 2.2.3 version live for now; but i’d be very happy for any hints on how to fix this.

in the meantime, i’m guessing it might be wise to advise one-click-install fans to disable or remove UTW prior to this upgrade.


=== UPDATE ===

Okay, the super quick and super ugly fix got 'er done … just commented out the offending line 129 and related dupe function.


function is_tag() {
global $utw;

return (count($utw->GetCurrentTagSet()) > 0);


Re-ran the upgrade.php and all went swimmingly. Next, I visited the Dashboard and selected Manage | Import and found Ultimate Tag Warrior in the list to Import Ultimate Tag Warrior tags into the new native tagging structure. Four clicks later, my UTW tags were all located and converted to the new native format – dreamy! :slight_smile:

=== UPDATE #2 ===

If I’d read the blog first, I’d have seen the PRE-FLIGHT CHECK!

Of course, not guarantees, but the site explains “Upgrade Preflight Check is a plugin that will attempt to check your other plugins and themes for problems that may cause errors when upgrading to WordPress 2.3. Run this before upgrading and it may save some headaches. It works in version 2.3 too and may be useful to help identify the cause of errors.”