Wordpress upgrade

Simple question - will my existing WP sites be upgraded by Dreamhost to 1.5.1 or will there be steps I need to take in order to get to this level of service & support?

I want to be technical…

I believe that you will have to upgrade manually. It should take less than five minutes. Just follow these steps.

I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

I was able to successfully upgrade an older WP install using the one-click install with these kbase instructions:



A buddy of mine contacted Dreamhost support and got this reply

Quote [We will do the upgrade for you, but it may not be right away. We have to test for bugs and what-not first, then we will complete the upgrade. ] Finish Quote

I have salted away the earlier recommendations as well :slight_smile: Thanks fellows.

I want to be technical…

Don’t upgrade!!! It is broken with a php:cgi problem (I really wish you would not use this environment DH)

On your main blog page, the previous entries will show up as something like this… http://yoursite.com/cgi-system/php.cgi?paged=2

WP/Gallery2 Integration Community -> http://wpg2.ozgreg.com/

You’re more than welcome to disable it in your Domains -> Manage area.

You may want to file a bug report.


I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

These instructions did not work for me for a WP upgrade. I ran the one-click install into a different directory but using the old DB like the webpage said. I got the email with the instructions to follow next but they only explain how to do a new install OR upgrade from a different blogging system. When I try to run install-php on the new weblog I get a page that tells me it’s already installed. When I try to enter the wp-admin of the new WP 1.5.1 install I immediately get sent to the old 1.2.2 one. I don’t know what to do next.

Follow these instructions for upgrading from WP v1.2.x to v1.5.x.

I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

Hmm… Maybe things have changed. I got option 2:

[code]2. If this is an upgrade from an older version of WordPress,
you should have specified the same database already. To finish
the upgrade process, go to:

[/code]I’d give that a try.

I guess I should have added YMMV…


These instructions worked perfectly. Thank you VERY MUCH. DH support was positively tits on a bull…USELESS.