Wordpress Upgrade advice

I would like to update my Wordpress 2.1.2 to Wordpress 2.6. Any wisdom people would like to pass on would be appreciated.

I am planning on updating my Wordpress install and since I am upgrading, I decided it would be a wonderful time to design a new theme and update the look.

When I updated my forum version(can’t remember if I did one-click or followed phpbb site instructions), the automated process moved my previous forum(ver 2) to a folder called ‘forum.old.’ Then the process installed the updated phpbb(ver 3) in my folder called ‘forum.’ I was able to access the the old version(ver 2) by pointing my browser to that ‘forum.old’ folder.

I assume a similar process will take place when I updated Wordpress, So, can I point visitors to the ‘blog.old’ folder that the install will create until I am finished tweaking a new theme? Basically, I am slightly worried about the old Wordpress install and the new Wordpress install accessing the same MySQL tables. Will that mess anything up?

The One-Click updater renames your wp folder to wp.old

Extensive information regarding updating is available at the Codex

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Where does the One-Click updater backup your database to? I need to restore from that point.


Database restore points that are available to you can be found by going to https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=goodies.mysql& in the panel and using the DB Restore button, the next page will show you what restore points are available.

if you have a 3rd party wordpress plugin for database backup it may in fact be placing a file that you will be able tolocate within the .old folder.

@ohnoezmahblog The database can be found by navigating through your Dreamhost panel. Go to your mysql page to see the databases created by your one-clicks or manually.

You can copy the access info (dbname, username, psswd) from that database and connect it to a new installation if you wanted to (I am assuming you meant you are upgrading 3.1.2 to 3.6).

I wouldn’t point anyone to the .old version, I’d point your visitors to your new upgraded installations and make your theme edits/design in a different, hidden WP installation. You could then just upload that theme to your live site and switch it over when it is ready.