Wordpress updating and support

I am setting up a Wordpress website for a friend. The site needs to have as low a maintenance overhead as possible. My questions are:

  • Does DreamHost have 1-click updates for Wordpress core as well as plugins?

  • Would I be responsible for updating things like apache, php, mysql/pg, etc…? or does DreamHost can take of all those updates?

  • Is there any kind of ssh/sftp access to upload php scripts, images, css, etc…?

Thank you for your help. I was hoping to use Wordpress.com but cannot because of the limitations on using javascript .and some other potential custom development that may be done.


For WordPress core, yes. For plugins, not quite yet. (Plugin updates can be tricky sometimes.)

DreamHost manages updates to all system software, including all of the applications you mentioned. You don’t have to worry about it at all.

FTP, SFTP, SSH, you name it! You have full access to your files. (FTP only by default, but you can enable SFTP and SSH through the panel at any time.)

Thanks for the quick response. I guess the obvious question is, how are updates done for Wordpress plugins? I read that each plugin has their own update button. The people I will setup the site for will not be able to download the plugin code and upload to the server via ftp.

Does DreamHost offer any support packages that will take care of all Wordpress core and plugin updates?

I’d suggest you install WP somewhere on a test sub-domain, you can even use a free .dreamhosters.com sub domain if needed.

Check out the wordpress dashboard and install and enable some pre-installed plugins. As plugins available from WP are updated you will be notified in the wp dashboard or admin panel and prompted to install the update. Normally this is a fairly painless process, but as you know an update to “part A” because “part b” had upgraded might break “part c”, not usually, but after applying updates you should definitely go check the site, not logged in and in every browser that your users might be using.

You also don’t need to use SFTP/SSH to upload images to your site, unless you’re building your own theme :slight_smile: WordPress has a built in media uploader.