Wordpress updates not taking effect



I am new to DreamHost & WordPress. I successfully did the one-click install & started making changes. However, the updates, such as the theme, are not taking effect on my page. And now I am receiving the following error when attempting to make changes using the WordPress dashboard.

“Not Found
The requested URL /wp-login.php was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

Suggestions? What I really want to do is to change the URL of my blog so my website address redirects there. And have my updates take effect, of course. Thanks in advance.
Now I can’t log in at all & I receive the same error.


Your site redirects to a .blog version of the same domain, only there’s no DNS there…

Check your DNS here: https://www.whatsmydns.net/

Where did you register that? You’ll need to add it to our panel if you want us to manage it :slight_smile:


Thanks. I did the redirect on purpose since my main site content isn’t ready & I wanted to use the Wordpress blog as my front page in the meantime. I disabled the redirect for now while I get all these problems resolved.

Since I set up the blog by one-click installation here on DreamHost, shouldn’t it already be registered with DreamHost? I had WordPress admin access at one time & no longer do. Rather than receiving a 404 error as I did previously, my ISP does a web search, which is does automatically with “page not found” & similar errors. I can’t even access the admin page whatsoever.

I checked the DNS & got green checkmarks for all locations except Paris & Delhi. Since I registered & paid for my domain name via DreamHost, that should be already taken care of I would think.

Other suggestions? I must really be misunderstanding something here.


Keep in mind that DNS changes don’t happen instantly. Usually 4-8 hours is enough time, but it can run longer. Changing a redirect is effectively a DNS change.

To completely understand the green checkmarks on whatsmydns.com you might also need to analyze what IP it’s resolving.

As far as misunderstanding something, you appear to have unknowingly created the original problem yourself by putting a re-direct on the new domain, not realizing that would change the ability for you to work on the new site. Then I think it’s further complicated now because your changes didn’t immediately fix the problem. Another compounding factor could be that browsers tend to want to cache redirects as well.

Two things to check since Ipstenu reply also indicates she couldn’t find the DNS entries as was wondering where the domain was registered. First make sure on the manage domains page of the panel, it says “fully hosted” in the web hosting column associated with your domain. If you were able to do a one click install it had to have been set that way at that time, but you may have changed it since. If you did change it since and need to put it back, make sure that you specify the same USER as before so that apache will be able to find the previous one click install. Second, it appears IpstenU though the domain is registered elsewhere, if that’s the case have you set the dreamhost nameservers? they are NS1.dreamhost.com, NS2.dreamhost.com, NS3.dreamhost.com.

Finally, if you want the ability to have the re-direct in place, while you develop a new site here are a couple of wiki articles:
Actually… Thinking about your specific case: In this case I don’t think I would use the methods listed in those two articles. You have a new domain name, that you want to temporarily point to an old domain.

In THAT case, I would set the site up as a normal new site on dreamhost. After that is working, I would use an .htaccess redirect that redirects everyone except your IP. It should be a 302,303 or 307 redirect – I’m a little confused which is the correct one these days. Since I don’t have the exact recipe in my ‘known to work on dreamhost’ .htaccess library, I’m going to leave it someone to give you the code if your interested in taking that route.


One more FYI… Ipstenu has a green name (dreamhost employee) and that give her the ability to match you to a dreamhost account and see what domain your talking about. Others of us can give more help if you post the domain name in question.


SUPER POWERS! :smiley:

The domain (example.com) is set to DNS hosting only which means … there is no hosting here. So there’s nothing to be showing. If you want full hosting, go to https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=domain.manage& and click on ‘ADD’ under the hosting column for that domain.