Wordpress update duplicate files



is there any way to stop the system from adding a duplicate file with .old extension when I update my wordpress files in the dreamhost system? Those old files tend to get hacked if i dont get them deleted. And it is faster to do it in the system than to manually update.

Also, i have mine set for auto update, but it never does.

Andy suggestions?


I too in the same problem and hope to get a solution here…


You can remove your WordPress install from the list of one-clicks in your DH panel. It will not remove the files but will stop the auto or manually triggered upgrades from DH’s one-click system (which always gives you a back-up).

You can then just upgrade from within WordPress’s dashboard. If you do that, you will be writing over your existing files, not creating an .old backup.


We’re actually going to be disabling “.old” directory creation for WordPress in the near future, as we’re working on some new techniques for installing and upgrading WordPress based on wp-cli, the WordPress Command Line Interface.