Wordpress trouble

Hi! I have installed Wordpress with the one-click install through Dreamhost for a domain name I had already bought a few months ago.

The domain name is cupidandpsyche.co and I have switched the name servers for that domain to ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com, and ns3.dreamhost.com. Everything works fine now though wordpress. But I am trying to access the wordpress files through dreamweaver and I cannot connect to the ftp site.

Does the fact that cupidandpsyche.co does not appear as fully hosted on my domains list on dreamhost have anything to do with it?

The details I am using to access the ftp are these

ftp host: www.cupidandpsyche.co
host directory: public_html/wp-content/theme/default

can anyone help?

ftp host: www.cupidandpsyche.co
host directory: cupidandpsyche.co

If you installed WordPress as an Easy one-click, then you don’t have access to the files. The fact that it’s not Fully Hosted makes me think you used Easy mode, rather than Advanced Mode which requires a Fully Hosted domain.

So if I de-install wordpress, fully host cupidandpsyche.co with dreamhost and then install wordpress again for that domain through the advanced option should solve my problem. Right?

That will give you FTP access to your files.