Wordpress transfer - Lost from the start

Hey guys,

So firstly, I have searched the forums or tried to at least, and can’t really understand many of the answers, they’re just over my head. I’ve also had a scan around the wiki, but again, it passes over my most basic of questions…

So, I use wordpress at the moment, a regular, free, no frills blog, and I’m now wanting to beef it up a bit. So I’m going to register my domain, and move it over to dreamhost, I used them in the past for a forum I ran, but I had an IT guy back then who set up all the hosting and stuff for me. However, I remember the experience I had with Dreamhost, and the great service, so I have come back for more.

So… please don’t laugh at me, but I am learning this as I go.

My question is, when I transfer my domain over to Dreamhost… what changes?

For example, do I still login VIA wordpress? I would assume I would now login through Dreamhost?
Will my dashboard change? Will I need to use a dreamhost dash as opposed to the wordpress one?
How hard is it to switch over? I’ve spent a while learning the in’s and out’s of wordpress, so will I need to learn a whole new dashboard? Not that its a problem, I’m just preparing myself, from what I remember of using it previously, it wasn’t all that hard anyway.

I know… probably some of the most basic questions ever asked, but we all got to start somewhere right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

So if you haven’t yet registered your domain, that’s your first step. If you use dreamhost as the registrar no adjustments are necessary, if you register elsewhere then point the nameservers to ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com, ns3.dreamhost.com.

Next add your domain to the “manage domains” page of the dreamhost panel as “fully hosted”. After doing this my advice is to wait until you can see the generic dreamhost “coming soon” page when navigate to your domain in your browser. Most people run into trouble by heading to the next step immediately because DNS hasn’t yet propagated. Normally this pause will be about 4-12 hours but could be less or more, just wait until you see the generic coming soon page on your domain, rather than a “not found” error.

Now use the dresmhost one-click installer, to install a copy of wordpress on your domain. (note: you can leave the blank after the / on the first line blank). It’s a pretty easy process, and you will get an email explaining how to create your first admin user and login to the dashboard. If the links in the email don’t work, then you didn’t wait for DNS to propagate (as explained in the previous step).

Now that you have your new copy of wordpress working on your new domain, go to your wordpress.com dashboard and backup your site, then load the backup into the new dreamhost site.

The dashboard is not greatly different, but since there are more options yes there are some differences.

Thankyou kindly for the reply LakeRat, I really appreciate it.

I thought I had my head around everything that I needed, however the closer I get to committing, the more questions that arise

From what you’ve said, and I’ve read elsewhere, it seems like I’ve got nothing to worry about however, and it’ll all be much the same as what I’m doing at the moment.

Thanks again, I will let you know how i go!

Sorry guys, another question… its such a big move for me, I just want to make sure I have everything covered

Firstly, is there a sample site of a wordpress blog running on Dreamhost? If I could get a look and feel for it, it would help greatly.

Second, and I’m struggling to word this… will my new dreamhost site still be linked to my wordpress account? For example when I ‘follow’ blogs, they appear in my wordpress reader, and mine appears in others… will that remain the same? Or more to the point, will people still be able to follow MY blog/site and have it appear in their wordpress reader? (without having to much around with settings or the like)

Again, I really do appreciate the help, I can’t thankyou all enough :slight_smile:

As far as test driving goes, you can create a sub-domain on one of your own domains (if dreamhost already manages the DNS for that domain) or you can also create a sub-domain using dreamhosters.com such as denaz.dreamhosters.com (do this by adding it on manage domains just as explained above.)

Wait until you can see the generic dreamhost “coming soon” page in a browser at the address you just created above. One the coming soon page shows up, navigate in the panel to the one click installer and install wordpress, once complete you have your own test site on dreamhost to play with. Try backing up your wordpress.com site and then restoring the backup on your test site etc… this will give you a better feel for what to expect when you set up your live site.

To answer the first part of your second question, no your site once moved won’t have anything to do with your wordpress account, I’ll stop tho and let someone for familiar with the blog world complete the answer but it shouldn’t really have any effect on who follows who.