WordPress transfer issues



Aloha, I’ve transfered our wordpress site to Dreamhost, but I’m having a bit of an issue and wondering if anyone can help point me in the right direction. On the old server I had wordpress installed in a folder called “2010” in the root directory. So basically when you pulled up the site it went directly to: www.earthtrot.org/2010/index.php.

When I moved to Dreamhost, I removed the “2010” directory, so now the site goes to www.earthtrot.org/index.php. And this page works fine. the problem is, none of the other pages do as they’re looking for the “/2010” directory. I can’t even access my control panel, because once I try to log in, it takes me right to: www.earthtrot.org/2010/wp-admin.php, which doesn’t exist.

I tried changing the settings in the wp-config.php file, but then when I get to the login page it takes me right to the install page as if wordpress is no longer installed. Any ideas?


Nevermind… Fixed it… If anyone else is having this issue, what I did was copy the “2010” folder from the old server and put it in the root folder of the new server. Then in my control panel I changed the wordpresss address and the site address (under settings -> general). Hope this helps!


Yes, in my ‘Wordpress’ experience todate - have found the General settings tab to be the most effective - when it comes to sorting out most Site ‘file/folder’ issues.