Wordpress Themes

I know the dh has a bunch of themes that we can install with wordpress - - is their anyway to see these themes BEFORE wordpress is actually installed?


I don’t think we can see the actual themes that DH installs. If you want to see themes before you install them, you just have to install WordPress yourself.

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I don’t know what themes DH uses, whether they’re the ones that are already out there, or ones they created themselves – but if you check out the theme browser & style browser at alexking.org, there are tons of designs to choose from, each viewable with a single click.

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I believe all the themes are from external sources (at least the couple I looked at were). What is the reason for wanting to see them first? If you don’t like any of them after installing, you don’t have to use them (or you can delete the directory, if you care that much). Are you just curious?

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.