Wordpress/ Thanks Robert!

(dreamhost admin: the following link should be featured somewhere in the FAQs as it really is a great resource)

Dear Robert,

Thanks for the how-to at
It got me up and running mostly because of the
–mysql.domain.com line I needed to add in the config file,
–the fact that I needed to add that field to the db in the control panel
–and wait for it to be “active”
–also the link to the phpmyadmin or whatever-it’s-called so i could trial and error my pw
–it turns out I accidentally added a space at the end of my PW!!! go figure, without that login screen via myadmin it’d of taken forever of ftp’ing various new config files into place so all in all i just wanted to sincerely

and thanks for putting it into the dreamhost forum thread!

michael m.
MT user new to Dreamhost, and potential convert to WP
http://helio7.com/log (dreamhost site not up yet, domain will be heliolith.com)

Last post here can be attributed to me.
I didn’t mean to post anonymously, I simply forgot to sign in! =P