WordPress test site - access problem

TWO ISSUES: #1 - I created a test site called test.(url).com and a real site called url.com. Via Filezilla I transferred all my files from the test site to real site. HOWEVER, now I cannot get to the dashboard of the real site. It automatically tries to get the the test site. I’m guessing I transferred over some access info that I shouldn’t have. How can I get into the WP Dashboard on my real site? I do have a backup of my files on a hard drive.

#2 - Except for the home page, when I click on any of the nav buttons, they go to the test site (I can see it in the URL). If I type in the URL.com/page then yes, it will force its way into the real site. How do I change the nav so that it forces back to the real site and ignores the test site url?

Sorry, I’m actually reasonably new at this. Thanks for any help.[hr]
I used ‘redirect’ and am able to see my site okay now. All the nav buttons work great and point to the right places. I cannot, however, access my WordPress Dashboard - even when using the “recover password” function. It doesn’t recognize my email address for some strange reason. Any clues?