WordPress Templates

How do I access wp-content/themes? I did the 2.6 upgrade and want to play around with my template. Do I do this through ftp? Where would the files be?

ftp in to the directory you stated (wp-content/themes) and find the theme there with a directory/folder name that corresponds to the one you would like to tinker with


Have you tried FTP? It shouldn’t be too hard to track down, since you kinda know where to find them.

As a p.s. for anybody else reading, the Easy One-Click install isn’t FTP accessible for modifications. Only Advanced, and manual installs give you access in your home directory.


I did the one-step install. Guess that was my issue. I’ll do the advanced and should be good to go. Thanks, folks!

If you did the 2.6 upgrade, was that via the One Click? I think the Easy version is always up to date and there’s no need nor option to update your Easy One-Click. Only the Advanced One-Clicks give you the Update option.


Why not just use the built-in theme editor?

Just login and go to Design -> Theme Editor and it will give you the list of files you can edit.

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