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Using A DREAM TO HOST template for a wordpress cblog… the default is for the column (menus) to be on the right side of the page… How do I move it to the right side of the pages.

Thank You All



It’s in the style.css file under #left-column and #right-column. Change the float and see if that works. I don’t know if this will break anything since the template was designed for the layout to be as is.



Thank you… that did work !!!
One more issue … I need to change the amount of space between the posts and the menu. Better explained with this screenshot




Ah, new problem. The float crams the column against the edge of the page, so just play with some of the numbers in left-column and right-column, such as padding and width.

You may want to look at another theme that has them in the correct place and look at their left and right column css settings.




(trial and error)