Wordpress "success" but something nasty parked there


I’m trying to set up my new Wordpress site — yindimedia.com — using Dream Hosting but with a domain registered elsewhere. I’ve had this domain name since January but have only just decided what to do with it.

Having used the one-click Wordpress install (advanced) I tried to follow the instructions in the “Success Installing Wordpress” email but failed at step 1.

1. Please create an admin user at: http://www.yindimedia.com/wp-admin/install.php

PROBLEM 1: When I clicked on the link, there was some horrible commercial page that has nothing to do with me staring back with nothing to click on that worked. Whois confirms that I am the owner, but there’s nothing to click on to get to the Wordpress stage. All the other links I was sent in the same email have the same awful landing page.

PROBLEM 2: When I try to access through FTP at Dreamhost, the Password Dreamhost provided is not accepted.
Plus papeete.dreamhost.com is not working.

I have subsequently sent instructions for a transfer from the old registration company to Dreamhost. How do I get rid of what someone has placed on the yindimedia.com page and start afresh with Wordpress?

Please help. Thanks.[hr]
Just had a message from support saying the domain isn’t pointed at Dreamhost, and advising me to ask the registrar company (Champ Domains) to do so. Is it better to do this now (it takes up to 72 hours to take effect) or wait for the domain transfer to take place (up to 5 days)?

BUT the domain registrar can deny the request. Then what? As they have not been helpful in other matters thus far, I’m worried.