Wordpress SubDomain



I installed the wordpress one click package to birdcam.mission74.com

I notice once installed that there’s a message about a security patch. How do I access my subdomain to apply the patch?


You can access your domains/sub-domains via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains

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Sorry but I’m completely clueless.

When I select manage domains I can only see my main domain.

If I go to add a domain/sub domain I’m not sure what options I need to take as the sub domain is already up and running because of the wordpress installer.!


I’m not sure why Patrick suggested you go to the Control Panel to apply a WordPress patch to your subdomain … I normally do such things either from within the shell or via my FTP client.

Your sub domain is simply a directory under your user directory just like your main domain. When you log in via ssh or ftp, you will find yourself in your user directory; your domains and sub domain directories are in that directory.

BTW, if you can’t see your sub domain in the control panel, re-read the screen carefully, as DreamHost now has a “toggle” option on the Manage Domains screen that determines whether or not sub domain display is on or suppressed. :wink:



Thanks for the reply, I’ve logged in via ftp using my main login but I can’t see the sub domain, just the main one :frowning:

Also I can’t see a toggle option on the manage domain screen!


Is the sub domain owned by a different user? Domains and sub-domains are stored in the user’s directory, so if you can’t see it there is it possible that subdomain is owned by a user other than your “main” one?

Look immediately below the “Add Domain/sub domain” Line near the top of the screen. If there are subdomains associated with your Panel user that are not displayed, there will be text there that says, “N sub-domains are hidden. Show them?” - click that text (it is a link) and the subdomains will be displayed.

If that is not there, there are no subdomains hidden.



Did you use the “Easy” one-click install or the “Advanced” once-click install for your WordPRess?

If you used the “Easy” version, there will be no code at all installed to your user space, as described on the install page:

[quote]" Install new website software (easy)?
beta! In easy mode, we handle all the software management/upgrades, and no files are installed to your account!

WARNING! In easy mode you cannot install your own plugins or themes (though there are a number included). To have full customizability, pick advanced mode below.[/quote]
If this is what you did, then yo will have to rely on DreamHost to update the application. I noticed when I tested it that the install claimed to be version 2.3.3, but i actually installed version 2.3.2 (which does need a “security patch” update). :wink:

The other information in my replies assumed you used the “Advance” WordPress “one-click” install, which would install the code in your subdomain’s directory in your user space.



Yay I used the easy one click install so that explains it!

How do I get dreamhost to update the version?


They SHOULD do it “automagically” … that was the whole point of that “easy” install. I also noticed the warning message on one I installed as a “test” last week, so I figured I would give them a few days…

Strange, I just did another “test” install to see if they had updated it, and the new install no longer has the warning, but it is still reporting itself as being version 2.3.2 (and 2.3.3 is what it should be to be up-to-date). :wink:

I’ve sent a support ticket to inform them of this, but you could do the same.



Many thanks, will send the ticket in!


Do you mean a security patch to wordpress itself? What version of wordpress are you running?

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I was using 2.3.2 yesterday but it appears to have had security patch applied and is now on 2.3.3

Thanks dreamhosts!


Isn’t it nice when it works out that way? Both on my “test” easy-style WordPress “one-clicks” are also properly sorted now and are reporting themselves to be 2.3.3 with no “upgrade needed” warnings.

I don’t know whether our trouble-tickets helped to get it sorted or not, but I’m happy with the result. :slight_smile: