WordPress Still Not Working

I used the 1-click install for WordPress and had the same problem as another user. We both received identical error msgs and were not able to access the admin area, etc. Josh of mother Dreamhost fixed this but I have a second problem with the install and mother Dreamhost doesn’t see this as a priority.

When Josh fixed things, I was finally able to access the admin area of WordPress. I started by using the admin system to define new categories. After doing that, I checked the page and instead of the new categories, I saw this error msg:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
/home/.xenon/eyebeat/sainteyebeat.com/europa/wp-includes/template-functions-category.php on line 304

No categories

So, the basic installation problem seems to remain since WordPress is not functioning after the 1-click install. Does anyone know what’s wrong now? Is it something that an idiot like me can easily fix?



If this is an error that you see on your index.php in the spot where the categories usually are, then that’s normal. You need to have at least one post in your blog. If that isn’t the issue, report it over at the WordPress Support Forums as it is not an installation issue.


Thanks, I’ll add a post and see if that fixes it.