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I used the one click install for wordpress at the root of my site and wanted to check on my stats. Everytime I try to go to the stats page (rippin-kitten.com/stats) I am redirected to the home page. I am guessing there is something in the .htaccess file that is making this happen. Can someone tell me how to fix this so I can see my stats?


This DH wiki article on Making Stats available with .htaccess explains all :wink:

There are also lots of posts on this in the forum (the search function is great for finding such stuff)


Clarifying the link:

Note: the link on the previous included BOLD and ITALICS tags, rendering the link useless to some.

Hmmm. That’s interesting.

The previous post’s link was inserted using the standard markup provided by this forum software, and I’ve used it for years without such a report. In fact, viewing the rendered source code of that post reveals the following for the link:

I don’t see any “bold” or “italics” tags in any of that. :wink:

What browser are you using, and where are you seeing these “tags”?


Yeah that post just reeked of robot.

I’ve seen that happening when you use the forum’s search facility. The search terms are highlighted with bold/italic formatting and it can eff-up some or all of the links on the post. This forum software is ancient and buggy.

I’m glad someone is using search, even if it does screw up links sometimes!

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AH! Yeah, that makes sense. :wink:

I just tested it and found the same thing … meh, it’s an aggravation, but I don’t think it’s the end of the world.


I just tested it and can’t replicate this behaviour at all.

What browser are you guys using?

I’m using FireFox,

To see it “in the wild” one of your search strings must be found in one of your links formatted with the [ url=url]string[/url]formatted links (using the forum markup - that space is an “extra” to keep it from working in the example).

You can find several among the results of searching in all forums for “http:// --rlparker”(without qotes), using the “and” operator, and searching for the past year. :wink:


Ahh righto. Thanks for clarifying that rl.

I went to a searched post here to see the behaviour mentioned and quickly discovered that simply clicking on another post, then back on the original solves the formatting glitch in seconds flat.

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