Wordpress SQL Injection Attack

So at the bottom of my WordPress sites, when visited with IE, there is code that was somehow injected. Info: http://sucuri.net/new-malware-sweepstakesandcontestsnow-com.html
More info: http://www.travelswithakazoo.com/2011/09/how-embarassing/

I’ve tried the simple cleanup procedure (http://blog.sucuri.net/2010/05/simple-cleanup-solution-for-the-latest-wordpress-hack.html) via SSH but it keeps getting killed due to excessive resources.

The script on the webpage is 404, so I can’t run that.

The website that was “hacked” is: http://www.gbcue.com

Viewed through (with IE as the browser) http://redleg-redleg.com/file-viewer/ you can see the sweepstakes link at the very bottom.

What can I do?!?