WordPress + Spell Checker = error (aspell?)

Installation goes fine, but then spell checker setup gives an error about creating a file:


After I manually do a “touch aspell.personal” everything is fine, but if I go spell check a post, I get this error:


Spell Checker FAQ has this, it may be related, but I’m not sure:
“Q. It doesn’t work! I get the “Spell check in progress…” indication in the popup window, but then just a blank page. A. This is a permissions problem with the personal dictionary. Open the Spell Checker options administration page and change the location of the personal dictionary to be a place where the Apache web server can write. Note that to specify, for instance, your home directory, you must provide the full path to that directory, as the web server generally runs under a different user id.”

So what do I need to do to fix this problem? Searching the forum didn’t help and the KBase didn’t have anything concerning Apache and write permissions.


Try searching and asking over at the WordPress Support Forums.


It wasn’t a WordPress problem, it was a server permissions problem I believe. But it doesn’t matter, DreamHost probably changed something (because I sure didn’t change anything since yesterday after the post) because the plug-in works great now. No more errors at all.

One request though, would it be possible for aspell to be updated? Right now my server is running aspell .33.7.1, which according to http://aspell.sourceforge.net/old.html is now frozen and hasn’t been updated since 08/2001. The latest version is 0.60.2 and was released 12/2004.

I just installed it yesterday and worked fine. It did give me some error if I recall, but it was due to the .sadat thing in the config file.I just removed that.

Also I used the wp-plugin-mgr with the one click install. If you haven’t installed that yet do. Cause it makes your life so much easier in installing and keeping track of plugins.

Aspell is located in: