Wordpress spell check

Hello, I’m looking for a spell-checker plug-in for my WordPress installation on Dreamhost. so far, the most appealing plugin I found is:


I copied it to the plugins folder and activated the plugin without errors but I saw no difference on the “write” screen. Perhaps Dreamhost doesn’t have one of the required pieces of software installed? On the above URL there is feedback from another DH user indicating this may be the case.

Any suggestions?

Did you modify the .htaccess file as instructed? And you are using WordPress 2 and PHP 5?

The plugin doesn’t work for me though. The button appears and the Spell Checker options page is there, but it doesn’t spellcheck.

Near as I can tell, it work like this:

  1. Click on button
  2. The plugin calls itself using AJAX
  3. On the AJAX call, it uses the preferend backend to get a list of suggestions
  4. For example with Google selected, it uses cURL and then an XML parser and returns JavaScript code in the response.

Step #2 doesn’t appear to work. The plugin assumes the response will be JavaScript code but the response is actually XHTML according to the JavaScript console. I’m assuming the request is not being handled by the plugin and the XHTML is from WordPress.

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Well I got it to work. Again using PHP 5, WordPress 2.0.4, and Permalinks enabled.

The problem I had was with the .htaccess file. I went to Options->Permalinks and saved it to update the .htaccess file. The two rules necessary for the plugin were automatically added. After that, the plugin worked. After the popup window loaded it took a couple of seconds but then it would underline misspelled words in red.

So installation steps:

  1. Unpack to the plugins directory
  2. Activate plugin
  3. Enable Options->Permalinks
  4. Update Permalinks

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I’m not familiar with that plug-in, but I use the same spell-checker with Wordpress that I use on forums and any other form fields: The one that’s built into the Google Toolbar. :wink:

If that plug-in doesn’t work out for you, there are a few listed at WP-Plugins.net (just do a search for spell check - much easier than browsing for it).

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Ha, I always forget about that feature of the Google toolbar. Fortunately, my spelling isn’t too atrocious. One cool thing about Safari is that is uses OSX’s spellchecker (I use Safari at work fairly often). I think that should definitely be a built in feature of the next version of each browser.

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.

Thanks for the Google Toolbar suggestions. I’ve been using Firefox’s built in search bar so I’d forgotten about it, but I had it installed on IE and it worked great!

thanks for the suggestions, I may try this next time I’m feeling more motivated. For now, the Google toolbar will meet my needs.

awesome, thank you much!