Wordpress Spam

Gawd, I thought I had an issue with email spam, but every day, I login to my WP control panel and I have upwards of 30 SPAM messages on my blog and usually NOT ONE good one. How do I deal with this. I always mark All as Spam and get rid of them, but no improvement. In fact it gets worse every day.

Anybody have some insights for this weary clicker?

Plugins help. I like Captcha! and Spam Karma. Spam Karma alone is probably enough. Akismet is another popular choice.

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wordpress usually comes with akismet installed as standard but you need to sign up with wordpress.com to get an API key to activate it.

I find this alone catches most spam comments.

I don’t think just marking the comments as spam makes it learn what is spam.

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Thanks both of you for responding. I’ve installed Spam Karma and I’m liking it so far.

Happy April Fools day - die spam fools!