WordPress Spam

Just out of curiosity, is anyone else getting a lot of Spam comments on their wordpress blogs?

Its to be expected. Bots can be programmed easily to find web sites using wordpress through search engines and site update services and the like. To be honest, it sticks out like a sore thumb: pages branded “WordPress” and using the same filenames (wp-login.php, for example) make it easy to automate things. And automation means lots of spam.

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They get spammed a lot, but the Spam Karma plug-in catches it.

I also use this captcha plug-in so they have to type in a code to post.

I’ve had the stupid posts get through, “lksdflkjdf” – like they’re testing it… but as soon as they throw in their Cialis link, it’s toast. :wink: I just delete the what-appear-to-be-test-posts when they get through, but I haven’t had any link spam get past Spam Karma, yet.

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Recently my wordpress blogs have gone from getting a few a day to hundreds on some days. I have the Akismet plugin installed and it’s caught virtually everything. One spam got through & had to be deleted manually, and two got put into the moderation queue, but Akismet caught everything else.


Akismet (for almost all spam) + Spam Karma (for spam that gets past Akismet) + Bad Behavior (for spam to not even bother coming to your blog, hence bandwidth isn’t wasted and less server resources are wasted).

I’ve have those 3 plugins and haven’t had one spam come through, just get emails every now and then from Wordpress letting me know there are comments in moderation. They have all been spam so far (several hundred), not one false positive yet.