Wordpress slow speed

Many times we face annoyingly lower speed of wordpress even for a micro niche site which usually don,t have alot of articles and media. Is it due to server issues or due to low net speed.

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Difficult to give an exact reason for your speed issues, but in general terms WP can be slow due to several issues:
• your database size
• your plugins (the less the better)
• resource hog sharing your server (ask support)
• your images not optimized

Also make sure you’re using the latest updated version of WP and use only WP authorized plugins.

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If you want speed on a cheap server then don’t use WordPress.

If you “have to use Wordpress” then implement sensible caching (so that no one visiting your website is actually waiting for your WordPress application to respond).

WP-Super-Cache with Advanced settings. Do it.

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WP has always been slow no matter where you host. It’s the nature of the beast; too bloated.

I eventually moved on and now code by hand, with an intuitive HTML editor of course.


Of course, but most new comers choose Wordpress.

“Nature of the Beast” and all that.

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wordpress is always slow if we cant use any cache plugin.

after so many month i found that how to make your wordpress website fast

Wordpress is not completely to blame here. Dreamhost shared hosting is horrifyingly slow. It is hands down the slowest hosting I have ever used.


I also faced the same issue here. My website isn’t loading early. How can I increase my website speed?

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We don’t blame to WordPress because many of issues occur from hosting.

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I’m using shared hosting and now need to split off websites from the group. Now need to figure out how to do that. And yes - I’m a total newbie.

Hello buddy, I am using a shared hosting buy from hostinger but its server is not working well. Please suggest to me the best hosting for my fridge Info site.

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