Wordpress slide show question



Long story short I bought a Wordpress theme and have figured out how to do just
about everything I want to do at this point except change the slides how image size. I do not appear to have a widget Loaded that created the slide show… How does one modify it or figure out what widget generated it to change it? Thanks


The theme maker should have provided you with the information you need and/or a forum for asking questions about their product. This is what a good company does. What did they say?

It’s possible there is a plug-in that controls the slideshow. If it is not placed on the page by a widget, perhaps it is hard-coded into the template itself and you would have to use the editor to find and change what it is doing (again, instructions should have been given about how to use the theme features when you bought it).

Are there special theme pages provided with this template with instructions, added fields that control your slideshow?

Try troubleshooting your slideshow images by right-clicking on an image and seeing where it is being stored. Or, look at your media library, are they there?

Do you know how to find your widget settings?

You can troubleshoot widgets by removing them (move them to the lower section, that preserves your settings) and adding them back one by one. Same with your plug-ins, deactivate them and add them back one by one to troubleshoot those.


[color=#FF0000]I have and nothing affects the slider[/color]


So I think I figured it out (kinda). When they designed it they used nivo slider. But im still a little confused (easily done) it appears that nivoslider is a plugin… should I not see it under my plugins? any advise? Thanks


My guess is that they’re using the Javascript plugin version of Nivo Slider, not the WordPress plugin. Depending on how the theme author designed things, there may or may not be any way to control its settings without digging into the theme source code.


That what I am assuming as well. If I want to modify it am I best off just buying the plugin? Or paying someone to modify the source code? (or both?) I dont mind spending some money to have it the way I want but I want to be able to easily change the images later. Also the slide show has a text box over it and im not sure if this is a part of nivo or something they added with source code? (I dont see it as an option on Nivos site)

here is a link to my site (still in ealry stages of it so a lot of infomation and images are missing / wrong)