Wordpress site shut down, can't login to admin

I am taking over this website http://www.gokroc.org because the previous employee moved on. The site went down this morning and I can’t login via the wp-admin back end either.

Unfortunately, he did a poor job of tracking receipts and listing passwords. Therefore, I have no username/pw’s for wordpress.com or dreamhost. I do have the last 4 digits of the credit used to pay for this site and the account#.

I can’t login to the dreamhost panel to troubleshoot because i don’t have the username and pw. Can someone please help me resolve this issue ASAP.

I sent in a request for a ticket 2 hours ago and no response.

Did you use the contact form on dreamhost.com to send us a ticket? If you want, you can PM me the email address you used on the contact form, and I can try to check the status of your ticket. Just let me know!