WordPress site links not working



The homepage of my site is working correctly but when I click on the navigation(menu) bar to go to any other page on my site I get ‘webpage cannot be found’. I am using a custom theme that was built specifically for this site. Any idea how I can fix the links?

An additional note: when logged in to the wp-admin for the site I can preview the pages just fine. It’s just the links that are no longer working.

I did post this on the WordPress Forum and received no response.


Without more information you probably will not get good responses here either. What’s the domain? Did this begin occurring immediately after a wordpress upgrade?


No pro here but when yo click on the link do you get the destination URL that you want? If you cut and past the link from your dashboard page direct does it work?


To clear up the WP re-write cache that can sometimes cause this issue after an upgrade or template change:

Go to your dashboard and choose Settings > Permalinks and then just hit “save changes”
(or choose a permalink structure and hit save changes)

This should get your pages working again.