WordPress Setup While URL Resides Somewhere Else

I’m setting up a new website for a client, but their current hosting is provided by their old web company. I’m trying to build the site in WordPress and then will be requesting the old web company to transfer the domain or redirect the DNS to Dreamhost (and where ever I’ve set up the site).

I set up new server space using the existing domain name (which I don’t have yet) thinking that I could easily do the WordPress set up before having them give me the URL. Unfortunately, I just realized I might need the URL pointing here first?

Is there a simple (or smart) way to setup the site for my client, get it completed, and do it all without the old web designer knowing until the very end?

life would be much easier if you do searches on the message board. there are many threads related to wordpress and this topic has been gone over many times.


Thank you for your time. I apologize for the inconvenience.