Wordpress setup problem

Hi, I followed the instructions for automatic setup of Wordpress on my website primp.ca. I got an email confirming the set up was complete.

The first line of the email says:

  1. Please create an admin user at:


However when I click on this link I just get a page from Domains at Cost, the company I purchased the domain name from.

Can someone tell me what I am supposed to do now to get my Wordpress running?


(real domain name edited by admin for security purposes) :wink:

You just need to wait for the change of nameservers at your registrar to update across the net. It already has for me! Make sure you clear your cache and possibly even flush your DNS.

…and don’t dwaddle about it, as you have a “virgin” WordPress sitting there waiting to be installed, and you don’t want someone else to read the URL you posted and finish the install for you (taking over your new WordPress)!.

–DreamHost Tech Support

It’s working for me. Your ISP’s DNS just needs to catch up. Keep trying and trying until your DNS finally updates.


I got it working now, thanks! I guess I just had to wait a couple hours for the servers to update.