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Hi All,
I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same level of difficulty with Wordpress sites constantly being hacked. I’ve installed a number of protection mechanisms, and they are successfully keeping the hackers out, but there are so many intrusion attempts that it eventually overloads the server & causes a restart along with some downtime. The performance of the sites are also affected. There doesn’t seem to be any reason why some sites are being hit daily while others are ignored, but I’m feeling a lot of pressure at my company to shop for a new webhost. Until now I’ve maintained the argument that this is primarily a Wordpress issue, but I’m started to believe that there has to be another host out there that does a better job at keeping this stuff in check. It is really nonstop. I tried to install Cloudflare, but can’t get past the need to add ‘www’ to the domain - it breaks my site every time, and support hasn’t really been able to help all that much. Add this to the email reliability issues & it’s becoming harder to argue against jumping ship.

Anyone else ready to leave Dreamhost because of these issues?

Cloudflare is you solution, sorry no offense, but if you tell that you are not able to use cloudflare on your website, I guess that there are so many others things that you also do not really understand.
Wordpress sites are not more hacked than any other websites, even without the useless protection plugins found everywhere. They are just like antivirus, useless.
Cloudflare + better hosting as VPS or dedicated and you will be fine.

Thanks for the input. I understand the process, I’ve just thus far been unable to add the ‘www’ without creating redirect issues. I just managed to get it done I think, with the help of DH support, but I’m just starting to feel like the time I’m spending dealing with the result of these intrusion attempts can’t possibly be common among well known web hosts. I feel like something is just not being upgraded or maintained, kind of like the email debacle where they’ve acknowledged that negligence. I’m just looking for some other longtime DH customers who may have found a better way to deal with this, or if perhaps there’s a way to figure out why these sites are getting hit like this.

I have many websites hosted on dreamhost and I had many problems.
I wanted to move many times.
But Dreamhost always helped me.

True that sometimes people working on support chat do not know more than I know and it’s annoying to talk to someone who considers me as a loser just as he is himself, but so many times I found great guys at Dreamhost support who really knew what they were doing and helped me a lot.

So finally I do not really think that moving to any other host will help you more.

I have been fighting and learning so many years, but it is still interesting.

Please tell me if you still have problems ?

I closed up shop for the day yesterday with some confidence that we’d finally gotten Cloudflare set up and working. The DH support rep confirmed from their end that it was indeed all set. About 90 minutes later, I get the notification from WPMUDEV Hub that my site is down again, throwing the same error about being unable to redirect. The site in question has no fancy plugins, is not being promoted at all, and continues to be attacked like it’s the Pentagon. So I disabled Cloudflare yet again & removed the ‘www’. Eventually it started working again. I can’t even get this done without breaking the site when support is guiding the process the whole way, so I just have to give up.

I do not want to migrate to another host. It’s the last thing I want to do. Yet here’s what I keep coming back to…if it was really just ‘a Wordpress thing’, it just could not continue to be the most popular platform out there. There’s just no chance that these are issues everyone deals with on their Wordpress sites. I can’t swallow the idea that I’d have the same issues if I moved to another host. If I were saving a ton of money with DH, I might have a higher tolerance, but with the VPS & all of the time I’m losing - it’s gotta be costing more than a Managed plan at Bluehost & one of the other nearest competitors. I keep reading about Dreamhost’s 100% uptime guarantee, but I’ve never seen any refunds - I can’t recall the last month where I didn’t have a site go down, at least a server restart forced by CPU overload from the intrusions.

I wasn’t 100% sure when I started this reply, but now I am. It’s time to go. I’ll keep my personal sites here, but for my corporate clients, I can no longer argue against the calls to switch. Granted they blame the web host when it’s something totally different (kind of like walking into the mechanic’s shop & demanding a new alternator without knowing anything about cars), but I’m out of arguments to stick around that make sense.

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We are sorry to hear about the issues you are having. Would you be able to submit a ticket with the exact errors you are getting and times stamps so we can check against the serve access log?

Our tech team should be able to see what the cause for the the downtime is or if its something in the way the Plugins reporting downtime. For example if your site is running a little slow some plugins report down time in as little as 10 second of being unable to resolve. The email you got should have some additional details which we may be able to take a look into.

Also please note that any Hardware failure is covered by our downtime guarantee, if you server is down due to any failure caused on our end our billing team will be happy to work with you on compensation. You just need to open a ticket. This however does not extend to software downtime since we have no control over any hardware you install.


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