WordPress "Sandbox"

I have several websites in Joomla that I am thinking of converting to WordPress. They are very video-intensive and my hope is that I will be able to cut and paste the HTML code of the articles into WordPress and not have to do any new coding or conversion.

As I am new to WordPress I would like to play around with the software and explore templates, etc. first. I tried doing this with WordPress.com but it does not allow the Javascript that I need for the video embeds.

Can someone give me some links or pointers on how to set up a site for experimenting and then, when ready, switch the existing domain over from the existing Joomla to the new Wordpress?

I think there may be a way of doing this with dreamhosters.com but I could not figure out how to switch it to a working site once I am ready. I am not knowledgable about php and htacess, etc. and dread having to go into system files! I’d love to do the WordPress install with one-click so that it can be updated easily.



Was there some problem with this question? I’m really hung up on the problem and cannot find documentation that is relevant or understandable (to me). How do I run 2 websites sharing the same data (base)? Once I like the way the new site works, how do I switch to it?

Is there something I need to clarify to get an answer?

Do I need to say “Please”? Please. There…



Hi Stan,

There are a couple of different ways of doing this. I have converted a few Joomla sites to Wordpress by exporting a CSV file directly from my Joomla database (it’s just clean text including your html styling) and then using a plug-in csv importer at Wordpress to import the articles, with post dates intact.

Log into the database using the phpMyAdmin interface, directly from the panel.

select these fields: “post_title”,“post_post”,“post_categories”,“post_date”,"post_author"
and export them as csv (comma separated values) then use the import plug-in (in the Wordpress dashboard) to upload the content.

This one works well: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/csv-importer/

You could set-up your test Wordpress site on a sub-domain or sub-directory of your regular domain (or use the dreamhosters domain) using the one click. Convert your data, or cut and paste the content in by hand if it’s more comfortable.

Getting it to be your main website again:

Since you want to make use of the DH one click, you’ll now want to move the older Joomla content out of the domain root (or, if it is in a sub-directory, change it’s name) so the script can load the installation there. Using FTP or SFTP you can just move your directories around.

You could then just point the Wordpress config file to the existing database and, assuming the two installations match (same version, plug-ins), it will have all your new content and work just like your test version.

However, this will break the one-click.

To preserve that, Install using the one-click and then go into phpMyadmin again and “drop” all of the tables of your brand new Wordpress installation.

Then import your database from your test server (If you export it as a .zip file you can easily import it again).

Your database will have your content and also still be connected to the one-click script.

You can also use .htaccess to redirect links from the old Joomla site to your new site, or from the root directory to a sub-directory.

Hope this helps a bit.