Wordpress Running Slow on DreamHost


My site is running increasing slow: www.jaredbeasley.net

I’ve tried deactivating my plugins to no avail. I am running the latest version of wordpress and the theme. Note how snappy the theme creator’s site is compared to mine: http://themewich.com/aware/

Navigating the back end has become maddeningly slow too.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!


Looks like your web server has a bit of a high load. Going to have our admins take a look there first, and if it still runs slowly after that, I’ll keep digging. :slight_smile:

Just emailed you! In a nutshell (…look! I’m in a nutshell! :)), we got the server load down, which seems to be helping a bit, but the larger issue at hand is having PageSpeed running with your specific theme. Having PrettyPhoto built into your theme while using PageSpeed will muck things up, since PrettyPhoto is a dynamic image rendering plugin. Please refer to my email for more detailed info! Thanks!

Nice work on getting into that nutshell! Received your awesome email. Will take action on your recommendations and follow up. Thanks for being the best!

The best! I don’t know about that. :wink: But thank you! And yeah, go ahead and reply whenever you want with any follow-up concerns you have. I’m glad it was helpful!