Wordpress Registration Email not sending



When a new user signs up for an account, they never recieve the email from wordpress with their account information and password. WP has the account info in the users area of the admin area, but the user never receive the login info via email.

I just installed WP 2.0.2 via the DH one click install running php 5.1.2. I believe WP uses sendmail by default, and it works fine with the “E-Mail A Copy Of” plug-in I just added.

I’ve tried disabeling all 3rd party plug-ins, switch the email options to PHP, and SMTP, and it still won’t work.

I’ve also searched the WP forums, and others have had this issue in the past but not recently and not on a *nix box it seems.
This is the link http://wordpress.org/support/topic/24981

Is anyone else having this issue with WP?

This is my site http://www.audiomacintosh.com/



Yes, a couple of my users have also reported not seeing the e-mail with the password. I haven’t been able to reproduce this, though.

With Wordpress 2.0.1 installed on “otto” a test registration just generated a password message just fine. The headers generated by the spam filter were:

X-Spam-Status: No, hits=0.2 required=3.5 tests=NO_REAL_NAME autolearn=disabled version=3.000000
X-Spam-Flag: NO
X-Spam-Filtered: 52893245914d1018422f3787bee0ccff

The WP forum article you cited said there might be problems because “wordpress@thisdomain” isn’t a valid e-mail address But the “return path” is the address of the account under which WordPresss is running.

Do you want me to test registering on your WP install?


It started to work hours later. All of the test accounts I created hours earlier flooded my inbox multiple times through the evening.

It seemed like they were stuck in a cue somewhere, then all at once they sent. I was receiving mail during that time so I’m not sure what was the cause.

As of 4/13/06 @ 2:10pm it is working fine. I just tested it again and the registration email’s are sending instantly.