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What’s the best way to limit a Wordpress blog to family & friends? I’m not satisfied with WP’s built-in post-protection (protecting individual posts with a single password to be shared by everyone who needs access).

Something more like Gallery 2 would be great (users register on the site, admin gets an email notification and activates the new account in the administration interface).

Surely someones done a plug-in like this. Or maybe it’s something I do outside of Wordpress?

I think the “best” way to limit acces to family and friends is to put the whole WordPress installation in an .htaccess protected directory, or install .htaccess protection for a directory currently holding an existing WordPress installation, which lets you use apache authentication to keep visitors from seeing anything (even the site, not just posts) unless authenticated.

It greatly reduces the potential of anyone hacking the php and allows you to assign inidvidual user/password combos as needed/desired.

This eliminates your “single password” concern, and makes the site truly private. While it is relatively easy to set up “manually”, setting .htaccess protection from the Dreamhost Control Panel is particularly easy and convenient.

I’ve done that in several instances, and it works great!


Hi RL – I agree that this is reasonably easy to set up and obviously better than WP post passwords.

But it still requires me to assign passwords. I want my users to be able to do that on their own. Do you know of any apps that populate htpassword files from a web form? And I would still like to have a chance to approve registrations before they gain access to the site.

I wish I was a little handier with PHP, because I have a pretty good feeling this is easy to script (i.e., a user post form, a script to hash the password and write to a holding file and notify the admin, then an admin post form and script to copy the username/password from the holding file to htpassword).

But what I’d really like (and I didn’t specify this earlier) would be to let WP render the pages but hold back the private posts.

Good Morning!

While none immediately came to mind, there are several, and a quick look at hotscripts.com produced several possibilities. One that looked especially promising was Deadlock (though I have not tried it personally).

There are several such free and commercial apps out there, written in both PHP and perl, and Hotscripts is as good a place as I have found to track them down :slight_smile: .

As an additional sugestion, toward providing more of what you “really would like”, have you searched for an existing WP plug-in to provide enhanced post protection? A quick look over at The WordPress Codex (Plugins/Restriction) shows lots of possibillities, and several ways to approach the functionality you are looking for.



Be sure and check my previous post for an edit - I added a link to WordPress Plugins with many possible solutions (in case you only read the email of my previous post) :wink:


Thanks RL – I had searched WP plug-ins listings for quite a while and never trieds “restrcition” as a search term (registration/user/password/protection didn’t turn it up!). What a wasted effort – 'cause the link you sent is exactly what I need.

(Not really a wasted effort. I found some other plug-ins that are going to help me out.)

Thanks also for posting the link to Hotscripts, too. That definitely looks like a resource I’ll be using.

– ait

Good deal! Sometimes it is really hard to find the search terms that will produce the results you want. Hopefully, you will find something now that will meet your needs. Good Luck!