Wordpress (re)Install Problems

Hello – I’m new to DreamHost and Wordpress and server administration in general. I decided to familiarize myself with all by doing a simple (not custom) one-click install of wordpress. Everything worked fine. After creating a test site in a directory and populating the site with some test content I decided I was ready to start a clean slate. I deleted the existing wordpress install via the ‘manage install applications’ in the web panel. No problem. Then I deleted the mysql database associated with the WP install. That works. The problems begin when I try to reinstall WP . . .

  • I execute another simple (not custom) one-click install of WP.
  • In the setup I am only allowed to specify directory.mydomain.com. This is different from what I was offered in the first install “mydomain.com/directory
  • Wordpress installs ok, but when I go into my FTP client (Fetch) I can’t find the WP directory anywhere. When I login to the WebFTP I can’t find the directory there either.
  • Then I log into the WP admin and in Settings the fields for WordPress address (URL) & Site address (URL) are locked to directory.mydomain.com
  • I check the mysql database page in the web panel and I see the old one can be restored but I don’t see a new wordpress database.

I basically need help to get this current WP correctly installed. I need to be able to see all the WP files in my FTP so that I can work on a staging site and then eventually move the site content to mydomain.com and switch the URLs in the WP admin. I can’t do that if I don’t know where to access those WP files!


The simple install has things in a central location that you cannot access. If you want to be able to manage the files yourself you will have to pick custom install.