Wordpress question

Help! I seem to be missing something. I just cannot seem to find the files for where I would upload things like pictures and themes is. Anybody know?

have searched and hunted and played to no avail.


What version are you using?
Do you have an FTP program? (if not try net2ftp.com)
after logging in, upload the themes to /yourdomain.com/wp-content/themes/
For pictures, the new wordpresses (version 2.0) have a file upload thing under where you post.

And while you’re in the wp-content folder, where the themes are, you’ll also see a plugin folder. If you decide to add any plugins later (there are a lot of nice ones!), that’s where you’ll want to put them. Check out wp-plugins.net

Anything put in those folders will show up in the Plugin & Themes sections of the admin panel, where you will then need to activate them, and in some cases, configure them.

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