Wordpress: Profile fields showing as links



Sorry if the subject is a bit vague.

I have started my new wordpress install with buddypress and bbpress.
I saw buddypress has extended profiles but not seen where to add these, but I did find users > profile fields
I added a few extra fields that I can see on my profile page, and shows on the registration page but when they are populated the results show as links attempting to search the members list.

Why is this? And how can I disable this.
The extra fields are simple things like location, real name etc so no need to be links trying to search the members list.

Thanks for nay help!


Have you already read through http://codex.buddypress.org/user/buddypress-components-and-features/extended-profiles/ ?


Not entirely, but I have now and it does not mention anything about why any of the information I fill in the fields will show as memberlist search links.


I’m honestly not sure what you mean by “memberlist search links”

If you mean that the headers for the field is searchable, this is by design. If you mean that the header is a click-able link thatlists everyone, that too is by design. It’s how they’re supposed to work, as far as I recall. You may want to ask at buddypress.org, though. They have a lot of expert volunteers :slight_smile: