Wordpress pricing Table with merchant Account



How can i can link merchant account with my Word press Pricing Table Plug-in


Which plugin is this? There are over a dozen with similar names :slight_smile: IF you can link to that plugin’s page, we may be able to help.

I’m assuming you want to link the ‘buy now’ button to your own service, like paypal or e-junkie. If not, what sort of merchant account are you using?


Wordpress pricing Table with merchant Account
How can i can link merchant account with my Word press Pricing Table Plug-in

Hi, Ipstenu-DH looks like our friend " rahulsingh " does not need you guidance anymore BUT I DO !.

Now i am a complety newbee, with website etc but somehow i found this forum and this topic in google, and made myself an account so i can reply to this topic.
Basicaly this is exactly what i need, guidance and i mean step by step to link the " buy buttons " from various price tables ( css3_grid ) i have on my pagaes with my paypal account, i just need a way for the customer to pay me. now i just brought the website in wordpress and all the grids are all done ready for me to link them to my paypal acount but i don’t know how, and one price table has la 3 " buy now " buttons, do i have to link them all individualy or can i just link them all to one link , but then i think is going to be a problem as my customers has 3 diferent options, i don’t want him to buy the most expensive service, and me to send him the chepest plan service by mistake, that’s why i’m asking if the buttons needs to be linked separatly.

Thank you


BogdanZaharia - Are you using this plugin? http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/pricing-table/


Hi Ipstenu-DH, thanks for your early reply about this , I think is the same plugin, I don’t know where to check it to be honest as the website I brought was all ready made for me, wish I had the knowledge and not keep getting my hand deep in my pockets, but anyway I don’t know if I’m aloud to pase a link in this forum but what I will do, I will copy the HTML code that is on the page where this price table is, hope it my help you get an idea what kind of what version of grid may be cuz as you said there’s dozens of them …

This is the code that I have on this specific page :

Article Writing.



[css3_grid id=‘article’]



Or another page:

Directory Submission.


[css3_grid id=‘directory’]



But I should think that is the current version as the website has been build only last month so …

Thanks for helping
Hi, it’s me again, just had a look at the plugin installed allready and copied this

" Select CSS3 Web Pricing Tables Grids
CSS3 Web Pricing Tables Grids
Deactivate | Edit
CSS3 Web Pricing Tables Grids plugin.

Version 4.0 | By QuanticaLabs | Visit plugin site


What you’re looking at appears to be this plugin: http://codecanyon.net/item/css3-responsive-web-pricing-tables-grids-for-wordpress/629172

As far as I can tell, that plugin is only a pricing display element. It does not handle sales for you, so it does not integrate with a merchant account.


Hi Andrew F, so basically I was sold just a image in a page rather the full plugin … ?
Do you have any recommendations? Regarding my objective with getting the customer t.o my merchandise account ?


In order to make sales, you will need to implement a shopping cart (or other checkout mechanism) separately. The plugin you are working with is only responsible for displaying a “menu” of available products.


Thanks Andrew F, for your guidance, very helpfull :slight_smile: because the "menu " of available products has a " buy now button " i was thinking that it might be posible to link somehow that particular button to my paypal account, but as you said it’s just a image not a complete checkout mechanism.


It looks like the plugin is pretty much just a layout plugin. They may have a way to link buttons to paypal, but you’d have to dig through their directions to find out :frowning: