Wordpress, Postnuke Users - Happy Here?

Hi all, I’ve got three domains, two personal and one for my school. Main personal site runs PostNuke and WordPress, second personal runs Wordpress, school website runs PostNuke and about a dozen Wordpress blogs (all 2.0, not MultiUser).

I am most intrigued by DreamHost’s One-Click Install/Upgrade capability for Wordpress. 2.0.1 just came out and I have 11 blogs to upgrade. Will this feature help me/work for 11 blogs in folders under the root?

Any issues with PostNuke? Running the latest release there.

Finally, I saw someone post a thread here about not hearing back from support for 2 days after his Wordpress site was hacked. Please tell me that’s the exception. My current host, though not perfect, is excellent about prompt response times.

Thoughts appreciated. TIA.


No experience with the Nukes, but I haven’t had any Wordpress problems here.

Personally, I prefer not to use the one-click upgrade on WP, but it does work. If you use any themes, plugins, or code mods, you will need to redo them after a one-click upgrade.

For a standard installation without mods, it would probably be the easy way to go. Note that you will need to run the /wp-admin/upgrade.php script once it’s done. It backs up your old one before upgrading, incase there are any problems.

I just follow the upgrade procedure at wordpress.org and haven’t had any problems with mods/plugins/themes. It’s pretty quick and easy, so I don’t mind.

DH seems pretty good with security issues, so I can’t picture them blowing off anything for 2 days. If they actually did, I’d say that’s an exception.

For general support, they try to reply within 24 hours, usually much quicker. It can get a little backed up when there are a lot of signups, like when the Code Monster plan is half off.

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I have a wordpress blog and just set up a second one (WP 2) and no one hacked it - just the usual comment spam crap which you can avoid by enforcing moderated comments.

The one click install is truly easy.

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I use WPMU on my site, http://thissite.co.uk and dont have any major problems with it.

It does appear slow at times - but im not sure whether thats my computer, connection, or DH…