Wordpress Postie plugin not working



I had tried using the built in feature for post by email that came with wp, but it kept returning messages everytime I ran it saying there was no new mail even though there was. So I found some info that said Postie plugin was a better way to do post-by email. Well, everytime I run Postie manually from the admin tools (to make sure it’s working before I setup the cron job), it also says there is no new mail in the account even though there is!

Has anyone else had this problem with either post by email option (built in or postie plugin) and figured out why it keeps returning the message that there is no new mail?


Yep! The same problems here! I’ve somewhat given up on the remote blogging side of things for now.

I came to the support forum here hoping for an answer but found this instead, so I suppose I should be glad in a way that I’m not the only one!


I don’t know if it is of any help, but I found some information about the plugin here: http://www.economysizegeek.com/?page_id=395
The comments discuss all sorts of problems related to the plugin, so it might be worth a read.

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