Wordpress Plugin--now what? Completely lost

Brand new to wp. I installed on my site and added the “Encyclopedia Lite” plugin to start playing—and am stuck.

The plugin is there–it’s on the dashboard as “Lexicon.” I added a couple of terms.

I have no idea how to make the lexicon/terms appear on the site.

Documentation doesn’t help–it seems to assume I know how to make it work (i.e, it tells me how to make changes, but I can’t find those screens either).

Any advice or link to an excruciatingly step-by-step guide for a clueless person?

Do you have a link to the plugin so that we can take a look at its documentation?

Thanks for the response…I think I’ve blindly stumbled into the answer (for now): Themes and their Widgets.

a) Not all Themes have the display areas (sidebars/headers/menus) where I wanted to work with the lexicon.
b) Not all widgets allow things in their layout (e.g., more than one menu in a sidebar/footer/header even the plugin allows it).
(note: the plugin said it worked with any theme. Is this the part where I ‘Lol’ ?)

Does it sound like I’m on the right track?

It’s hard to say. Themes and plugins from the WordPress repository are required to behave in certain ways, but they can still have widely different features and abilities. Commercial themes and plugins do not have those requirements. Without knowing which theme and plugin you are using, it is difficult to give specific advice.

I’m not tech savvy, and unfortunatelly, I can’t help you to solve your problem. But I tried to create a website with Wordpress and also had a lot of questions, and finally I gave it up. Now I’m working on my new website using a multipurpose website template “Starbis” (https://www.templatemonster.com/website-templates/starbis.html) and it seems to be easier to work with it as there are tons of elements that expand your possibilities. But if you are ready to struggle with Wordpress (unlike me), I wish you good luck!

Sounds a bit like advertising… WordPress is - if nothing else - free (albeit with some paid-for themes and plugins) and relatively easy to use. That said, it is clunky; prone to spam; and a bit bloated. Unfortunately any ready-made CMS or web template will never be entirely perfect as they are jack-of-all-trades options rather a bespoke solution.

It wasn’t advertising)) I just shared my experience. As I said, I’m not tech savvy, I can be wrong, but I’ve found it easier to work with this template.