WordPress Plugin Giving Error

I’m using the Category Icons plugin with WordPress 3.0. It keeps telling me the default uploads directory is “not accessible” and that I should create one or change the permissions. I’ve done this, and the permissions for both wp-content and uploads is set to 777, yet it still keeps giving me this error. Can anybody help? Thanks.

I can take a look for you, but you need to post the actual, and full, error message here. :wink:

I just installed this plugin as a test and it didn’t give me any errors. When you go to the admin panel for its “icons” section, can you select an icon for a category? It seems that it shouldn’t even need to write to that directory, as you need to upload the icons as a WordPress media file like any other gallery picture.

It seems to me that the default directory is more likely non-existant and needs to be properly set. Are the Options fields for Local Path and URL blank? If I put a bogus Local Path, I get that error as shown in the image below: