WordPress Permalinks Problem (Redux)



I posted that my permalinks problem was resolved, because I hadn’t had any problems since finding out the Jerome’s Keywords was the cause of my problems, only, the problems have started up again!!!

I’m still getting emails with messages like this (different URLs, functions, etc., yet many are the same):

A user tried to go to http://www.sassydevil.com/wp-content/plugins/book_reading/book_reading.css and received a 404 (page not found) error. It wasn't their fault, so try fixing it.  
They came from http://www.sassydevil.com/wp-admin/plugins.php

and the subjects read like this (again, the URLs vary, sometimes it’s a function, etc.):

Bad Link to /wp-content/plugins/book_reading/book_reading.css

I really want to be able to use /% category%/%postname%/ (without the space between the percentage sign and the “c”; this message board turns it into a special character if I don’t include the space when posting).

Anyone got any ideas for me? I’m so frustrated!



Jen, tell me, why would a user go to a css file? And you say they were coming from wp-admin/plugins.php… but you don’t say what they clicked on. The url for book_reading is http://www.sassydevil.com/wp-content/plugins/book-reviews/book_reading.css, not the one you listed. You can IM me on AIM or YIM: mzmartipants if you need any more help.



I still say it’s a plugin, like in the other thread.

I’ve used WP for a long time and I’ve never gotten an email because of a 404.

Unless whoever made that theme coded something weird into it. You could try switching themes and see if the problem goes away.

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I found that fixing the problem with the book_reading thing ended that error, but I also found that another error I’m getting, a “Bad link to (a function)” is coming from an addEvent.js file…which is associated with the theme, oddly enough. I am thinking of trying another theme, even though I hate having to edit yet another one. I wanted to get my site up and quick. Thanks, all. If I have any problems after trying another theme, I’ll ask for help again. I appreciate the replies. :slight_smile:



Yep! Unfortunately, many are having to “tweak” their themes to facilitate the latest upgrade. I just went through it myself with a popular theme (Tiga) for a client.

Fortunately, there was an updated Tiga them to work with, but that is not always the case. One of the dangers of embedded “functionality” in and amongst the “form” in a template is that this can happen.

A lot of WordPress themes do this, and to me, it kinda defeats the whole purpose of “theming” to embed program elements in presentational templates - I guess people do it to give their theme additional functionality (the problem is that the theme then can become dependent on the code / version for which it was written, and can break if the functions/code the theme depends on changes.) :wink:



People that write themes that take over the site should break it down to:

Theme: How the site looks.
Plugin: Does stuff.

Then, if they really feel it’s necessary, write an accompanying plugin and recommend it on the theme download page.

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If you can tell what part of the .js file is causing the problem, you could try commenting it out and see if it breaks the theme. Or even temporarily remove the file.

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I hope to try the suggestions you’ve given Monday. I will probably switch to one of the default themes first, to see if the problems stop. We’re moving to our first house over the next several days, so I don’t have as much time as I’d like to work on this, but thanks, everyone! I’ll report back on how things go.



Good luck with the move! Let us know how that goes too!

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