WordPress: One Click v. other methods

I’d have “My Great Happy Hosting Plan”. How can I change my settings so I can install a customized Wordpress Template I have purchased?

you can use a one click “Custom” install. If you already have a “simple” install going just get the database information and then delete the simple one click. then add the domain as fully hosted, and do a “custom” one click install and specify the database information. You should be right back were you left off with the site.

I will give that a shot. Thanks. I will report the outcome!

so then…how do install new themes?

Once you’ve done the Custom Install, you have two choices for theme installation:

  1. Use the WordPress admin panel for Appearance -> Themes and look for the Add New Theme button near the top.
  2. Go to a theme site and download a theme to your home computer, then use FTP to upload it to your site’s /wp-content/themes folder

Ok…so if I use method 1, I would then go to www.domain.com/wp-admin.php ?

The full URL would be http://example.com/wp-admin/theme-install.php

How do you “just get the database information and then delete the simple one click”

I’ve not done this, but I hear from people (possibly Support) that when you delete a Simple one-click, it will save the database so it shows up in the DreamHost panel for MySQL Databases. The hints at this, but not specifically for Easy installs: