Wordpress One-Click Install Results in Spammy Links



I’ve successfully used a wordpress one-click install before without difficulty.

However, today I decided to start a new blog. I followed the usual one-click install recipe, kept the Deluxe option on, etc. I received the activation email, created an admin account, etc. All this went smoothly.

The problem comes up after logging in. Instead of reaching the usual wordpress admin panel (where you can edit themes, etc.), I just get another login screen, with a list of spammy links below it (such as)

royalcaribbean.com edocs
www. welcome renaissance place.com
school sucks.com

I know I’m logging in properly, because when I enter a wrong password I get an error and am prompted to enter again.

Any ideas what the heck is going on here? This blog is totally useless (but my other previous blogs are just fine).
Oddly enough, when I start from scratch and perform a one-click install without the “Deluxe” option, everything seems to work just fine.

I’d sure like to hear ideas about what might have happened, and if there is some security issue with my account / my site that is worth looking into.