WordPress One-click Install not working for .com.au domain

Hi all -

I have tried several times to do a one-click install of WordPress (custom installation so I have access to the files), and it can’t seem to find the database. I was wondering if this had anything to do with the .com.au domain (it shouldn’t). Once I install and go to “install.php”, it can’t find the DB. I checked wp_config.php, and all the right DB names, usersnames, and passwords were there.

I’ve installed a ton of WP blogs here on Dreamhost, and have never run into this issue. Does this have something to do with the international domain?

Thx in advance.

Not to seem stupid but you said it had the right db name, username and password but what about the host? Are you using an existing hostmask, did you create a new hostmask with the .com.au domain or what? If you did create a .com.au hostmask and its not working have you tried using a different one since they are interchangeable anyway?