Wordpress One click install needs updating



Outdated Plugins

Akismet - 2.0.2 is installed, 2.1.4 is the latest version.

Extended Comment Options - 1.1 is installed, 2.0 is the latest version.

Podpress - 8.5 is installed, latest version is 8.8.


artsemerging 2.0 - doesn’t support Widgets or Tags. A Newer version was released last year which made it widget compatible.

Craving4Green 1.0 - doesn’t support Widgets or tags. Version 1.9 does support widgets.

FastTrack 2.0 is out of date. Version 3.1 supports tags and widgets.

VSlider2 - The New version supports widgets.

The following themes don’t support widgets or tags: -

2Exquisite 2.0

Dapit Hapon 1.1

DarkNight 2.0






Nine Shades of Green

No Limits






TBS - Blue Theme 1

TypoXP 1.0.3


Looking at my advanced One-Click setup, my Askismet is 2.1.4

Did you go through each theme to get the version, or is there some easier way?

For the plugins, I thought that WordPress had an automated system for alerting you to updates. I’ve never seen WordPress alert me to updates, and I don’t have the Disable Updates plugin enabled.



When I created the new install today, Akismet 2.0.2 was the version installed. As for the themes I’ve noticed over time installing a number of dreamhost ready WP installs how some of the themes just aren’t up to date enough for the latest versions.

So i decided to spend an hour going through them all and looking around to see if there was any updated versions around or if they were “discontinued” as such.


What’s the process for adding new themes to the one click installs? There’s loads of good and varying themes out these days not just the standard blog look of old.

Do you need to get the authors permission or is it a free for all as such?

I’ll list some suggestions if you like :slight_smile:


Just grab the theme folder and drop it in wp-content/themes. Themes often have attribute information in the footer that must be retained to fulfill your obligation for using someone else’s theme.



I meant for adding to the one click installation!! So that we can have some newer funkier themes in the OCI instead of 2 year old ones.