Wordpress One-Click Install Issue

Hi everyone!
Here is a quick snapshot of my situation:

  • My domain was purchased and fully hosted with DreamHost from the start, since Friday October 3 2014.
  • https://www.whatsmydns.net/#A/lewisbranding.com says that the DNS has indeed been propagated.
  • I used the One-Click Wordpress Install today, got the e-mail saying “Success installing WordPress on your site!”.
  • When I click on the links in the e-mail, I get a “Failed to open page” message in Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
  • I checked using WebFTP and all of the files are installed in the drive.
  • My domain: www.lewisbranding.com
  • I installed here: http://www.lewisbranding.com/wp-admin/install.php

I looked up my issue on various forums, but normally users experience DNS issues – which seems not to be the problem here.

Can anyone help? I’d be extremely grateful.
Forget my message! Literally about 5 minutes after I posted, the install started working. No clue as to why that is as it didn’t work for several hours. Cheers!

What theme is that?

Information in the source code suggests it’s Avada.